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Main CharactersEdit

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Derek Reese
  • Kyle Reese
  • Allison Young
  • Mr. Murch
  • Jesse Flores
  • Catherine Weaver
  • John Henry
  • Thomas Auldridge
  • Riley Dawson
  • Danny Dyson
  • Frederick Vaughn

Episode ListEdit

No. Image Title Writer(s) Upload Date
1 732px-Ep1 header No Fate But What We Make Inspector Boxer March 1, 2010
2 Sccep2-header-1 The Ties That Bind Anklebones March 15, 2010
3 Ep 3 header Duellum Silk April 5, 2010
4 Header4 The Song Remains the Same Trancer May 3, 2010
5 Header5 Vertigo Zennie May 17, 2010
6a Header6 All the Kings Horses (Part 1) Anklebones June 7, 2010
6b Header6 All the Kings Horses (Part 2) Anklebones June 28, 2010
7 Madness Where Madness Reigns Ralst July 17, 2010
8 Untitled-8 Long May You Run Inspector Boxer August 9, 2010
9 Ep009 Dark Come Soon Zennie with Inspector Boxer & Anklebones August 30, 2010


The Virtual Series was first announced on the 11th of December 2009, a teaser trailer containing clips of the television series was uploaded to the series livejournal page by the series videographer, Masque, with the tagline "There is a storm coming...". The video also confirmed the premiere date for the series, March 1st 2010.                                    

First promo

First Promo Image

On the 18th of December 2009 the first promo image was uploaded to the livejournal by 2headed_turtles, with the caption "Cameron's story...". Highlighting the character's significance in the upcoming virtual season as well as her connection to the Turk machine.

Second Promo Image

Cameron poster1

Second Promo Poster

On the 8th of February 2010 a second promo image highlighting Sarah Connor was uploaded by 2headed_turtles.

Over the course of the next month a number of promo posters, video teasers and sneak peaks were released leading up to the release of the first episode. Subsequent promo images and posters were released throughout the duration of the season.